Die guten Möbelpacker aus München – warum sind sie bei einem Umzug so wichtig?

If you can pack the furniture properly, you should hardly underestimate when moving – that may be true. In many cases, however, the removal helpers have to be able to do much more than just packing furniture. Let’s take a close look at what makes a professional furniture mover from Munich  .

The movers from Munich should  definitely know their way around furniture. Not only knowing how to pack and carry them, but also how to properly prepare them for the move. Properly securing the furniture before it gets into the moving truck is probably the most important thing for the “survival” of the individual parts after the move. The labeling of the individual parts also makes assembly easier after the move, when everything has reached its destination. Nothing can be left to chance here – the customer pays for a professional service and the removal company simply has to deliver the best there is on the market. Damage, scratches or dents are simply out of the question.

And as for the packaging…

An absolute standard are the moving boxes. In Munich,  every moving company works with this type of packaging. We are no exception here – the moving boxes in Munich are  very practical and simple as packaging. And we have done a lot to make this form more economical and environmentally friendly. How is that possible?

Even if you want to arrange the move yourself, you can obtain the moving boxes from us. And “obtain” does not necessarily mean “buy” here. What other options are there then? Of course you can also rent the moving boxes!

In this way we can ensure that the moving boxes can be reused after a move. After the move, the boxes are simply returned and circulated again. This means that we can also lower prices – renting almost always costs less than buying. In this case, we lower our own costs because we don’t have to buy new boxes every time to give them back to you. So we can offer moving boxes in Munich  , which will be used several times in further moves until they really “can’t do it anymore”.

It’s also good for the environment. Fewer boxes have to be made, so fewer trees have to be felled for this purpose. It also uses less energy. And there is one more point…

The rental boxes will motivate you to unpack your things as soon as possible after the move. You have to return the boxes – so they have to be empty! This is how you create order in your new home faster.

It is also worth mentioning that you should not rely on the boxes that your Amazon or Ebay packages came in. This is not only due to their insufficient durability. They also often come in non-standard sizes, making stacking and arranging in a moving truck a real horror. The furniture movers from Munich , who have already experienced a move with Amazon boxes, can only confirm this.

So we can only advise against taking on a move on your own shoulders – it may even work, but the costs you would have to bear would be disproportionately high. Even if the moving company has to be paid, the total costs are still lower than with a do-it-yourself move, which usually involves a lot of losses.

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